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Los Angeles Drivers Training Los Angeles Driving School has teamed up with Drivers Ed Direct, the premiere driving school in Los Angeles, to help you meet your California DMV Teen Training Requirement! Every driving lesson is taught by a patient and qualified instructor who specializes in teaching driving skills in different environments, including an intro to freeway driving. Basic and advanced courses are available - either way it’s everything you need in the Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, Conejo Valley and the Westside for getting your provisional drivers license and more!

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There are a lot of driving schools in Los Angeles county and Ventura county that will try to meet your drivers ed requirements, but beware that not every driving instruction company offering driver classes is licensed by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. 

Rest assured that with Los Angeles Driving School, you get the security of knowing your driving lessons are conducted by Drivers Ed Direct: a leading California DMV licensed driving school for Los Angeles County and more!

Driving Lessons Offered

Level 1 Driving Lesson2 Hour Level 1 Lesson • Level 1 is a great lesson for the true beginning driver. The lesson is designed to teach someone to drive who has never operated a motor vehicle before. In most cases, level 1 is conducted in a residential neighborhood and focuses on the following areas of driving:

  • Performing a pre-drive safety inspection
  • Introduction to the different controls and gauges within the car
  • Introduction to accelerating, braking, and steering
  • Making simple left turns and right turns
  • Maintaining a safe lane position with respect to other cars and obstacles
  • Performing traffic checks and using mirrors
  • Curbside parking, reversing, and u-turn, 3-point, and 2-point turn maneuvers

Level 2 Driving Lesson 2 Hour Level 2 Lesson • Level 2 starts with a review of level 1 concepts to make sure those areas have been mastered before moving into more complex driving situations. After reviewing, the majority of time on level 2 is spent out on main surface streets with a focus on mastering:

  • Left hand and right hand turns at complex intersections
  • Making safe and effective lane changes
  • Maintaining safe speeds, space cushions, and making traffic checks
  • Parking in a parking lot and parking lot driving safety
  • Parallel parking basics
  • Performing legal U-turns in traffic

Level 3 Driving Lesson 2 Hour Level 3 Lesson • Level 3 starts with a warm up, including a recap of items learned during Levels 1 and 2. This review is followed my a simulated DMV drive test, focusing on reviewing and correcting the core areas graded by the DMV test examiners, including:

  • Discussion of automatic fails and critical driving errors
  • General test expectations and layout
  • Review of pre-drive test questions
  • Performing a simulated test near your local DMV

Finally, an introduction to the freeway is conducted. This includes discussing freeway basics and merging onto the freeway and driving on the freeway for a short distance.

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Advanced Driving Lessons 

Level 4 Driving Lesson 2 Hour Level 4 Freeway Intensive Lesson • Level 4 allows our students to acquire more complex skills not required by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. On this advanced freeway lesson, freeway driving concepts are thoroughly discussed and practice, with a focus on:

  • Making safe lane changes at high speeds
  • Merging onto the freeway safely
  • Defensive driving strategies and obstacle avoidance
  • Performing freeway interchanges on major freeways
  • Operating the cruise control

Level 5 Driving Lesson 2 Hour Level 5 Canyon Roads Lesson • Level 5 concentrates primarily on navigating both busy and rural canyon roads. In addition, level 5 also devotes time to discussing evasive maneuvers. Areas covered include:

  • How to handle multi-lane, heavy traffic winding roads
  • How to drive on small, very curvy rural canyon roads
  • Defensive driving and hazard avoidance
  • Evasive maneuvers for tire blowouts, hydroplaning, icy roads, and spin outs.

Supplemental Driving Lessons 

DMV Test Preperation Driving Lesson DMV Refresher Driving Lesson Additional Driving Lesson
DMV Test Preparation Lesson
We call the DMV and schedule your test appointment, pick you up at your home, and spend a little time warming you up with some practice. Then we take you to the DMV and you use our car to take the DMV drive test to get your license!
DMV Refresher Driving Lesson
This is the lesson that will best prepare you to pass your DMV driving test. We will practice all of the driving tasks that will be graded by the DMV, on roads similar to DMV test roads. From pre-drive questions, simulating tests, and discussing the automatic failures, this lesson has all you need to be ready for test day!
2-Hr Behind the Wheel Lesson
Purchase driving lessons one at a time, or add more lessons to a previously purchased behind-the-wheel package. Need to work on your driving skills on residential or city streets? Or maybe you want to become more accustomed to driving at night. Our individual driving lessons help you improve where you need it most!

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* Our patient and experienced instructors are committed to developing your driving skills at a pace that is both comfortable and challenging. Instructors will use their discretion and assess your driving skills before training in advanced environments such as city streets, freeways, or canyons. We will not teach you in any setting thought to be unsafe given your current driving ability.

Driving Areas Serviced 

Los Angeles County and Ventura County Drivers Training Looking for a great driving school in your area? Chances are Los Angeles Driving School offers professional driving services in your areas. Looking for Hollywood drivers training or a Beverly Hills driving school? Not a problem, we service your area, along with Brentwood, West LA, and Santa Monica. Live in the Valley? Great! We've got both Conejo Valley drivers ed and San Fernando drivers education. Or maybe you're living in Valencia, Santa Clarita, or Castaic? We've got you covered. In fact, if you live in the Los Angeles area, there's a good chance we can provide you with the best driving school services you can find.

New: We now offer full service Mar Vista Driving School services.

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Questions your driving training provider should be able to answer:
  • Do you offer freeway lessons?
  • How many lessons does the DMV require me to take?
  • Do your driver training vehicles have dual brakes?
  • Do you offer driver training in an SUV?
  • Are your driver training instructors qualified?
  • Do you teach defensive driving techniques?
  • Does your driving school use the IPDE methodology for defensive driving?
  • Can parents ride along on the driver's training lessons?
  • Will your course prepare me for my drivers training test?
  • Do you offer discounts for signing up multiple students?
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